The Tips You Need to Reinforce Your Mobile Marketing Plan


Your Mobile Marketing Plan:

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Mobile marketing has come a long way, and it’s been redefined by emergent technology. Today’s business providers wield more options than service providers can handle, and they’re impacting B2B and B2C communities alike. Across all industries, smartphone access is being used to bolster sales, promote retention and land ongoing relationships. Between 2010 and 2015 alone, mobile data usage jumped by approximately 1525 percent. If you want in on the surge of innovation, you need to check out the industry’s top tips:

Tip One: Dish Out Digital Coupons

Digital coupons, regardless of your industry, can boost in-store traffic and drive online conversions. Businesses are using short code texts and mobile coupons to promote timely purchases, and they’re using them to segment an incredibly expansive market. Today, providers like Jamba Juice have enhanced entire outreach programs with mobile coupons. Mobile coupons can be implemented easily, and they’re the perfect vehicle for anywhere-and-anytime discounts.

Tip Two: Get In with Location-Based Services

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Location is everything. In 2016, mobile marketing plans can’t survive without geo-location tools. In fact, the retail market has become reliant on location-based services. Data gathered by location-centric offers can be utilized to craft ironclad strategies. More importantly, it can be used to boost retention, engagement and social media programs. Today’s providers, like Textpedite, are rewiring typical consumer location services. By automating local text send-outs, providers can enhance buyer experiences while impacting the masses.

Tip Three: Get Big with Instagram Ads

Instagram drawingInstagram’s ad program has gained steam recently, and for good reason. Instagram is powered by Facebook’s 400 million active monthly users. Of those users, 75 million are daily visitors. 90 percent of users are under age 35, and they’re influencing the future of mobile marketing by viewing photo ads, video ads and real-time ads. If you’re not already hooking into Instagram ads, you should. Instagram’s advertisement platform is sustainable, and it promises ongoing access and steadily boosting sales.

Tip Four: Provide a Branded App

Girls Head App IconsIn 2016, mobile apps account for 89 percent of spent mobile media time. If your company already has a mobile app, it needs to hone it through distribution. Today’s mobile marketers make app rollout mistakes based upon store ranking. Don’t fall into the trap. What you should be doing is crafting an intuitive design. You should also be working on omnichannel marketing solutions. Secure your app’s reviews, weed out clunky interface components and streamline its utility directions. You’d be surprised by the download influx streamlined apps experience.

Tip Five: Use Push Notifications for Real-Time Alerts

The consumer is constantly moving. For this reason, push notifications can’t be separated from SMS campaigns. They’re inherent to a text outreach program’s success. A viable push notification platform transcends text, and it can completely power a mobile marketing program’s customer relationship platform.

To provide intuitive mobile marketing solutions, your brand needs to supply value. Offer limited-quantity products with real-time outreach promotions, and serve up timeframe-specific options with digital mark-downs. Don’t neglect the consumer’s need to text, and always offer mobile app support. By 2017, experts believe the world will host over 10 billion smartphones and more than 2 billion uses will make a mobile commerce transaction by the end of that year. In under five years, smartphones and tablets are expected to reach a 40-percent saturation point in the United States alone.

Your strategy needs to reinforce its mobile marketing approach, and it needs to reinvent itself with time-tested-and-true approaches influenced by modern technology. If you’re ready, talk to your provider. No business operator is lone in today’s world, and the industry’s professionals are working constantly to create quality mobile marketing strategies.

What’s Next?

How do you ensure that your customer is getting the best mobile experience possible when interacting with your brand? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to read them.


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