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Some Digital Marketing Trends For 2016

We are already a several months within the New Year. Leaving 2015 nor so far behind us. But it is utmost important in the Marketing world to also stay ahead of the curve. What should you have already started to look into as far as Digital Marketing goes? What should you expect to be trendy throughout 2016 and over?

Content has always been important, and will remain a key aspect in any digital marketing strategy. Quality content should always be a priority, and this applies to any and all industries. Any business that does not engage in developing meaningful and appealing content will risk being kept behind.

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone

Today you need to appeal to the Millennial generation, and what are they into? Mobile. In 2015 Google announced that mobile traffic finally took the lead over desktop traffic. What this means is that business needs to optimize their digital presence on mobile devices. Making sure they have an effective mobile design, but in no ways does that allow to have an outdated Websites. A neglected website can no longer be excused with all the existing tools such as pre-made templates with WordPress, or online store fronts like Shopify. Modern, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use website remains a crucial aspect of your brand image.

We all know about video ads, there is nothing new there. But video will definitely be dominating this year. Most businesses have already tried an immersion by uploading a video ad to sites such as You tube and promoting them on all the social media platforms. With so many ads being seen every day, you have no space for a loose strategy. Grabbing consumer’s attention and keeping them so they engage for more than a second with your brand or product is decisive. Creative video ads used in live streaming will allow your audience to interact with it, share it, gets engaged. Keep an eye on Live-streaming too, major brands have embraced it, however any business could benefit from it. With the right plan, strategy and execution this can be a game changers. Look up Chocolate Johnny from Australia, he became a huge success in Australia and went on to capture the hearts of potential customers round the world via live-streaming.

We now live more than ever in a visual stimulation environment, where there is a need to share with everyone our life and our experience. Pinterest and Instagram are both successful stories because they are fulfilling this need, both in their own ways.
Instagram has since the beginning of 2016 made ads available to everyone. Don’t miss out and start promoting what you sell through Instagram, whether you use a carousel ad to create multiple pages ads or, yet once more a video ads.

Pinterest has raised the bar of visual shopping, and has we are just getting accustomed to how great buyable pins can be and they are raising the bar once more. Keep the look out as brands will soon be able to target specific person, all based on their interests with what they have named Animated Cinematic pin. With this new promoted pin, users will be part of the experience. And if you are committed to spending the big bucks to get ahead of the crowd, you can also rely on the Pin Factory.

These trends are to be followed but a lot more trends are out there and should not be ignore either. I would strongly suggest investing time to learn more about Snapchat advertisement options, which gives you an opportunity to create a tease for something to come, new product release, thus creating an exclusivity moment with the user. Do not overlook SEO agility, the possibility of refining your Social media strategy and the development of a dedicated App. The advantage of an App over a website is that it does everything a website already do but in a more intuitive, fitting and friendly approach.


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