Category: Customer Acquisition

The World’s Oldest Businesses?

This is a wonderful story about businesses that have survived years, wars or generational changes. It makes you think, how they managed this kind of business longevity for these many years, hundreds, thousands even, or while maintain a customer base. There are probably fantastic individual stories from each of these businesses, which we hope to […]

Converting leads into customers

          Converting leads into customers: The top 3 channels for building a successful brand online   There’s been a lot of talk these days about how to best build a successful brand online — especially in light of the most recent round of changes that Google has made to how it ranks […]

Marketing Strategies for Improving Customer Retention

There are any numbers of ways to compete for one-time customer dollars, but the science of customer retention and repeat business is founded on just two fundamental concepts: 1) Produce marketing materials that accurately describe your product or service, and 2) deliver a product or service that is everything your marketing materials say it is, […]