Analytics are a  vital part of all businesses, analytics help you understand what going well or not. In Marketing or Advertising, it is important to determine how your efforts are doing.

  • Are you meeting your marketing or advertising goals?
  • What’s is you ROI? Are you on target with the budget, under budget or over budget?
  • What areas should you focus your efforts?

Without Analytics it will be difficult to determine this.

There are free tools out there to start with, Google Analytics has come a long way. It is a great tool.

Here are a few others we like.

  • Woopra.
  • Piwik
  • Clicky.
  • Chartbeat.
  • Kissmetrics.
  • UserTesting

At MyBizMarketer, we insist on implementation analytics, and it can be a tool of your choice. A business will get stronger results across all your marketing and advertising channels. Businesses of all sizes can better understand their customers. We help your business reach high-priority and test markets and gain a better understanding of the marketing impact.