My Biz Marketer: Creating a Clear Path to Your Customers

  • Analytics

    With the analytics service, you can that tracks and reports website traffic…

  • Digital Marketing

    More than making catchy slogans, running social media campaigns and creating unforgettable graphics, our marketing practice has the goal of moving your potential clients from not knowing about your product, service or company to becoming raving fans of what you are doing.

  • Digital Advertising

    The art of the advertisement has taken on a whole new level with the dawn of the internet age. With your target audiences getting bombarded with information around the clock in every viable medium.

  • Product Management

    SDirectly related to product marketing, product marketing involves planning for and monitoring a product through it’s lifecycle – creation, design, development, testing, launch, early growth, later growth, market adoption (maturity) and decline.


Launching a new product into a market is tough enough, we are grateful for the the product development and marketing support we received. I was delighted to see that the company commitment, passion and drive for excellence is still thriving.

Cosmetics Company

The preparation was excellent and no requirement was too much of a problem and the day provided exactly what we wanted.

Bob White, Home Guarranty

The service your company provides is top quality – from initial request for info and proposal to the execution of the activity and de-brief. You are active listeners understanding our unique requirements, able to improvise when requested.

Harold K. Georgia

When we began working with My Biz Marketer on and of since 2008, we were invisible online. Now, everything has changed.

Limo Service Atlanta

My Biz Marketer: Creating a Clear Path to Your Customers


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